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2010s Decade to be the Hottest in History


The United Nations in its annual assessment said that the 2010s decade is to be the hottest in history. The UN highlighted the ways in which climate change has outpaced the ability of humanity to adapt to it.

The global temperature this year was 1.1 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial average between 1850-1900, as per the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

This means that 2019 is on course to be the top three warmest years ever recorded. It is also probably the hottest non-El Nino year yet.

WMO said that the burning of fossil fuels, developing infrastructure, growing crops and transporting goods all these man-made emissions are leading to make 2019 break the record for atmospheric carbon concentrations.

The oceans that absorb 90% of the excess heat produced by the greenhouse gases now have the highest recorded temperatures.

The seas in the world are quarter more acidic in comparison to 150 years ago. This has, in turn, threatened the marine life upon which billions of people depend on jobs and food.

As 329 billion tonnes of ice loss from the Greenland ice sheet in a year’s time, in October the global mean sea level reached its highest on record.

The last four decades have been quite hot. When it comes to internal displacements due to extreme weather conditions, the report revealed that over 10 million people were internally displaced in the first half of 2019 out of which 7 million directly due to the harsh weather.

WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas said, “Once again in 2019 weather and climate-related risks hit hard.

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Adding, “Heatwaves and floods which used to be ‘once in a century’ events are becoming more regular occurrences.”

2019 has already witnessed deadly heatwaves in Japan, Australia, and Europe along with superstorms in southeast Africa, Australia, and America.

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