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20,000 Job Openings Expected in Railways

20,000 job openings

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed—the Railways Minister has asked for permission from the cabinet for creating 20,000 job openings in Railways for the facilitation of the public.

A local TV cited the Railways Minister saying that at least ten thousand vacancies would be opened in the railways which would be filled on the basis of merit very soon. He mentioned that the requirement of nearly ten thousand skilled workers is an utmost thing for making the services better.

He added that the management of railways would not disturb the residents of Kachi Abadis, however, the areas that are occupied illegally of big fish would be vacated at any cost.

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Sheikh Rasheed paid tribute to the labourers who as per him worked hard day and night for bringing back the Mianwali-Rawalpindi passenger train on track. He further said that the railway’s freight sector would be strengthened. He said that one or more freight trains would be privatized on the basis of trial for the betterment of the freight sector.

The Minister of Railways said that the approval of Prime Minister would be sought for these 20,000 job openings.

Sheikh Rasheed is an outspoken, obstinate man, he claims to bring noticeable changes to the railway department within a span of hundred days.

Recently on Friday the Prime Minister—Imran Khan inaugurated two new trains—the Rawalpindi Express and the Mianwali Rail Car.

The Pakistan Railways has suffered since many years under the rule of different political parties, it is essential that something should be done for the division’s betterment. It is to see that under the command of Sheikh Rasheed how the department performs.