200-bedded Sindh Infectious Diseases Hospital begins operations in Karachi

Murad Ali Shah—Chief Minister of Sindh has reportedly inaugurated the newly established 200-bedded Sindh Infectious Diseases Hospital in the provincial capital Karachi on Sunday.

According to the details, the newly built infectious diseases hospital in Karachi has been constructed at a cost of over 1.73 billion rupees.

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The details further said that initially, the hospital would start the formal operation with 54 beds, and within the period of the next six weeks, the hospital would be started working at 200-bedded capacity.

During the inaugural ceremony of the hospital, the Chief Minister Sindh was accompanied by Health Minister Dr. Azra and the Provincial Minister for Information Nasir Hussain Shah.

Chief Minister Shah said that PPP-led provincial government of Sindh has established two hospitals for the patients infected with the novel coronavirus in Karachi and now several other hospitals would be established in every divisional headquarters.

According to the details, Sindh Infectious Diseases Hospital will initially have an eight-bed emergency ward, a 16-bed intensive care unit (ICU) and a 34-bed high dependency unit (HDU).

During the period of the next six weeks, the intensive care unit (ICU) capacity of the newly built hospital would be increased to 32 beds and a high dependency unit (HDU) capacity to 88 beds.

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