20 Million Pakistanis Consume Alcohol Despite the Ban

Alcohol is legally banned in Pakistan as it is prohibited in Islam. But can you imagine around 20 million Pakistanis consume alcohol? People drink alcohol but they don’t speak about it. But in the past, we have seen Pakistani leaders consuming alcohol.

The founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah used to drink at times. Even the former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto used to drink. He once said, “Yes, I do drink alcohol, but at least I don’t drink the blood of the poor.”

Later Bhutto banned alcohol consumption and sale in 1977.

Coming to more recent leaders, Presidents General Musharraf and Asif Ali Zardari also used to drink. But in public, they became hypocrites and spoke against those who don’t abide the law.

Today people drink in Pakistan secretively, in late night parties, nightclubs, and personal gatherings but never openly.

Now the law prohibits Muslims from consuming alcohol, but non-Muslims are legally allowed to drink alcohol. Shops have been granted to sell alcohol but it is just for non-Muslims. Hotels that allow consumption of alcohol to non-Muslims first ask them to sign a document that it is solely for Medical purposes.

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Pakistan also has its local brewery known as Murree Brewery. It was established back in 1860. It’s famous for selling beer and vodka to the customers. Despite alcohol being banned in Pakistan the company produces and sell its products and Pakistanis do consume it.

As per a Wall Street Journal report 10% Pakistanis consume alcohol. Alochol addiction is widespread in the country and many rehab centers have developed to help the addicts. Another issue is that as alcohol is not legally allowed, people consume whatever alcoholic product they find, which further causes health problems for them.

We need to accept the issue to solve it. A disease can’t be cured if we keep on denying the disease. Government needs to set an example for the people first and then control consumption increasing in the country.

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