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20% Increase in Salaries and Pensions Expected in the Upcoming Budget

 In the upcoming 2020-21 budget, an increase of 20% in salaries and pension of government employees has been recommended.

It has been proposed to allocate additional Rs142 billion for salaries and pensions. Also, Rs299 billion allocation for salaries and Rs 503 billion for pension is being considered.

It is proposed to raise the salaries of Grade-I to Grade-22 employees. Also, it is being considered to make Ad-hoc relief funds for 2016-2019 of the Ministry of Finance’s employee part of the pay.

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As in the last budget, the salaries of Grade 21 and Grade 22 civil and military officers were not increased, so it is expected that in this budget they will be raised.

On another note, we informed our readers that the federal ministry of Finance has taken the decision of releasing the government employees’ salaries and pensions before Eid. The salaries and pensions of the employees are to be released before 21st May. This is as per an issued handout, the finance division of the ministry has given out orders to the Accountant General of Pakistan (AGP).

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In another article, we revealed that Murad Saeed, the federal minister for Communications and Postal Services has said that pensions of the retirees would be brought to their homes via the Pakistan Post.

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