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2 New Banana Varieties to Boost Production and Income

2 New Banana Varieties to Boost Production and Income – NIGAB-1 and NIGAB-2; the 2 seeds are a notable development in the agricultural sector.

2 New Banana Varieties

In an effort to improve the quality of bananas and increase income, Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) has created two high-quality and disease-resistant banana varieties.

Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, Member Plant Sciences of PARC, informed that these banana varieties are developed at the National Institute for Genomics and Advance Biotechnology (NIGAB).

Pakistan roughly cultivates bananas on some 80,000-acre land. However, the outcome of the final food product is lower than that of India and China. These two countries have a yield of 10 tons per acre.

The new types of banana seeds are named NIGAB-1 and NIGAB-2. Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali further stated that PARC’s two new varieties of banana would cover this gap and improve the outcome per acre.

The seeds have already been approved for commercial cultivation by Sindh Seed Council. Ismail Rahu, Minister of Agriculture and Supplies, chaired a meeting where this seed was approved.

Dr. Ghulam told that the minister had appreciated the efforts of all those involved and that this step has secured a position in the development of agricultural products.

He also informed that NIGAB is also working to further improve the agriculture sector of the country to help it generate better income and bring growth in the economic activity of the country.

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