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19 Dams to be Constructed in Pakistan

19 dams are to be constructed in Pakistan as announced by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government. In order to overcome the water crisis in the country, PTI government is aiming to construct dams including the Kalabagh Dam. The goal is to enhance the storage capacity to 30 million acre-feet (MAF).

According to the Ministry of Water Resources sources, the PTI government is all geared up to resolve the water issue in the country and safeguard water for future generations.

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Presently these projects are at different stages of planning. The government wants that the dams are constructed as soon as possible. A few documents revealed that 19 dam projects are initiated and they are either in preplanning, planning or execution stage. These dams include Diamer Bhasha Dam, Mohmand Dam, Kurram Tangi Dam, Nai Gaj Dam, Kurram Tangi II, Winder Dam, Naulong Dam,  Kalabagh Dam, Shaivak Dam, Akhorri Dam, Barra Dam, Chanute Dam, Hangole Dam, Bhimbar Dam, Badinzai Dam, Saklaigi Dam, Daraban Dam, Tank Dam and Dotarah Dam with the capacities of 6.4MAF, 0.676MAF, 0.90MAF,  0.16MAF, 0.90MAF, 0.36MAF, 0.20MAF, 6.10MAF, 5.40MAF, 6.00MAF, 0.062MAF, 1.00 MAF, 0.521MAF, 0.040MAF, 0.300MAF, 0.069MAF, 0.289AF, and 0.042MAF 0.132MAF

Due to climatic changes in Pakistan, a lot of water problems have occurred. Especially during the 2010 to 2015 period Pakistan encountered the worst flooding that destroyed the agricultural land and thus now it is anticipated that Pakistan by 2025 will face the worst water shortage of 22.7MAF unless efforts are done to construct dams.