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18k gold-wrapped Lamborghini Aventador S arrives in Pakistan

Pakistan’s first 18k gold-wrapped Lamborghini Aventador S has arrived in the Capital city, Islamabad.

Khawan Moeez has bought the luxurious car becoming the first person to buy it in Pakistan. Khawan said, “More than hundred million rupees has been paid to the government as duty/ taxes on this car. It has been imported via the UAE from the UK and reached Pakistan some three days back.”

Moeez has a collection of luxury cars that include special limited edition 6×6 AMG Brabus B63 S-700, BMW 6.5L M760Li 2017, Ford Raptor GT Shelby F150 750BHP, BMW i8, Hummer H2, Lexus Lx570, and others.

Customized changes have been done to the Lamborghini bought by Moeez. The modifications include the 18K gold-covering, KMK’s logo on headrests, glowing amazing lights on the footrest, OEM pads for parking and others. The OEM pads ensure a longer life for the suspension of the vehicle.

Pictures of the Vehicle

Image result for 18k gold foil Lamborghini Aventador S

On 19th December 2016, Lamborghini Aventador S was first revealed at the Sant’Agata Factory. Then it was officially revealed in March 2017 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Aventador S is an updated version of the Aventador. The car is equipped with a 6.5-litre V12 engine that produces 730 hp at 8,400 rpm. The performance is the same as that of the standard Aventador. The updated suspension of Aventador S is controlled by the ‘Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva’. The rear of the car has new black rear diffuser along with fins.

The cost of Lamborgini Aventador S lies between $369,900 to  $419, 990 or PKR 45,505,098 – 51,667,169 without duty/customs and excluding the gold foil.