1,808 New Coronavirus Cases Registered in Pakistan During the Past 24 Hours

1,808 New Coronavirus Cases Registered in Pakistan During the Past 24 Hours – the cases are increasing while people aren’t following SOPS.

Asymptomatic Patient

The number of COVID-19 affected people is rising day-by-day. The previous day the number of registered patients were 1,708 and death toll touched 21. Whereas, today NCOC announced the number of registered patients in the pst 24 hours to be 1,808 and 34 died of the virus.

During the past 24 hours, 36,686 coronavirus tests were conducted, making the total number of tests conducted in Pakistan to reach 4810182.

NCOC also informed that some 784 more patients recovered from the virus. The total number of patients recovering from the virus is now 320,849.

Earlier this week, new information was shared related to coronavirus. A 71-year old American leukemia patient released the virus without showing any symptoms of having the virus.

This raises concerns for everyone that the virus is smart to attack a weak body without showing any symptoms known to researchers.

In another related news, Dr. Faisal Sultan showed his concerns that Pakistanis are not paying attention to what the authorities have been saying.

People are not taking pandemic seriously due to which positive cases are increasing rapidly,

The authorities, doctors, and other related parties are almost begging the nation to follow SOPs and prevent the spreading of the virus.

The government has been trying to impose the SOPs by sending warning public notices, imposing fines, and implementing smart lockdowns. But it seems all these efforts are of no value.

Asad Umar, the other day, also requested the political parties to spread awareness and help the country from the spread of the virus.

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