150 IT Labs to Be Established in Punjab

Irfan Qaiser Sheikh—Chairman TEVTA (Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority) informed that the TEVTA would be founding one hundred and fifty Information Technology Labs (IT) throughout the thirty-six districts of the province of Punjab for training twenty thousand students annually. Mr. Sheikh said this on Friday while conversing with the office conveyors of the Oracle Pakistan.

The Chairman also added that a special course would be drafted for facilitating the students to learn and train in Java and Oracle applications. The team would be training one hundred and fifty master trainers of TEVTA who would then further be giving training to students at one hundred and fifty various institutes located throughout the Punjab.

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In the presence of Punjab Chief Minister—Shahbaz Sharif, a memorandum of understanding would be signed between the two organizations and that would be some time soon.

Mr. Sheikh added that Information technology is a basic need and demand of the today’s era, it is the basic demand on which the foundations of many projects are laid. Keeping in mind the ever-increasing rise of the IT sector and the transition world is witnessing towards information technology has compelled the chief minister to switch all the systems being practiced at the government departments on to the computers.

Technology is ever rising like there is no going back. On per day basis, new advancement or techniques are introduced. Every day shines with the launch of some further addition to the already growing technology division. Globally the change is apparent, and all the prospering nations are adapting to the technological changes and needs. For matching up with the world’s pace towards adapting technological advancements nations must strive for it too, otherwise, there would be like a complete generation gap between nations.

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