15-Day Paid Leave for Elderly Employees Announced


Due to the spread of the coronavirus outbreak across Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government and the federal government has enforced different measures to control the virus.

The adviser to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister on Information, Ajmal Wazir unveiled that the provincial government has made the decision to give 15-day paid leave to employees aged 50 or above, during a media briefing session.

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Also, the KP government is considering shutting down all the government offices for a limited period of time. The aim is to avoid the spread of the disease amongst government employees.

The training of police officers has been suspended by the KP government across all training centers in the province. This is taken as a precautionary measure, as per Ajmal Wazir.

Also, the provincial government has made the decision to reduce the prisoners sentence by two months. By taking this decision the inmates that are in their last 2 months of the prison terms would be immediately released as the virus can spread like a wildfire in prisons.

Citizens have been asked not to panic but do take precautionary measure to avoid contracting the virus.

The precautionary measures include washing hands often, not traveling unnecessarily and staying away from the people showing symptoms of the virus.

The provincial government, as per Ajmal Wazir, is looking at the situation closely and can enforce further precautionary measures to save people from contracting the disease.

15 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed by the KP government while in Sindh there are 155 confirmed cases of the virus.

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