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130,000 people are affected with HIV/AIDS in Pakistan: A need for change on AIDS Day


The World AIDS day is celebrated on the 1st of December every year. It is an opportunity for people throughout the world to unite together in the fight against HIV and show support for people living with the condition. This year the World AIDS Day would be marking the 30th anniversary.

Across the world, there are an approximated 36.9 million people who are suffering from the virus, with the most affected nations being Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, South Africa and Namibia, as per the CIA World Factbook.

HIV/AIDS had been the horror since ages and could be prevented by adopting certain behaviours, like including safer sexual practices and accessing proper counselling at the right time.

It is not only a concern for the whole wide world but also recognized as a serious health concern for Pakistan too with an ever-increasing count. The HIV epidemic is caused because of the moderately high usage of drug and the lack of acceptance that the non-marital sex is common in the society that has permitted the HIV epidemic to get a grip in Pakistan, majorly among the users of injection drugs, sex workers and also among the repatriated migrant workers. HIV infection could lead to AIDS that might become a serious health issue.

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In Pakistan, the first case of HIV was found in 1987 in Lahore, ever since then the approximated count of people living with HIV has surged from thirty-eight thousand in 2001 to one lac thirty thousand in 2011. It is important to mention that in some areas, clusters of HIV positive cases have been found in the semi-urban areas, owing to a combination of dangerous injecting practices in the informal healthcare settings as well as many other risks.

The prevalence of HIV has surged in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan in the present times despite the adaptation of behavioural changes in the communication projects.

The treatment coverage of HIV is less than ten per cent of the approximated people living with HIV. For Pakistan to expand its treatment coverage, it is pertinent to mention that people must get an HIV test conducted as if they are HIV positive, so they could access life-saving treatment, lead a healthy life and prevent from the onward transmission of the disease.

The Government of Pakistan is keen on eradicating the HIV in the country.

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