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13-year-old girl steals a car with the help of 8 other children

A 13-year-old girl stolen a car on Wednesday at about 1:30 am with the help of other eight teenagers in Kapiti Coast, the south-western North Island of New Zealand.

The parents of the children were shocked to know that the nine children were crammed inside the stolen car, Swift, a model by Suzuki.

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Acting Sergeant of Kapiti Police, Nathan Dickey told news agency that the police department received a phone with a complaint from a member of a family that her car has been stolen from outside of her house and she held three of her family members and one of their friends responsible for the theft.

After the complaint, the police found the car in the night, the driver, 13-year-old, increased the speed of the car and later chased by the police on the side of the road. The police were shocked to know that the 13-year-old girl was driving the car with a 16-year-old sitting next to her and other 7 children as young as 10 squeezed in the back seat of the car.

The car sustained minor hits but was successfully handed over to the owners of the car. The police department is still trying to figure out that what actually happened that night and why the teenagers have decided to steal the car.