11,700 Pakistanis are Brought Back from the Overseas

One of the spokespersons from PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) on Friday said that over 11,700 Pakistanis are brought back to Pakistan through 104 relief flights.

As per the spokesperson these nationals returned to Pakistan through the special flights which were operated by PIA in Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Kingdom, France, and Japan.

The special/relief flights are still operating and bringing more Pakistanis stranded overseas due to the suspension of the flight operations because of the spreading coronavirus.

Recently, one of the special flights of PIA took off to Australia.

According to the spokesperson, this has happened for the first time in the history that a special flight is heading off to Melbourne.

PK-8963 will be bringing the stranded Pakistanis from Australia on the 26th of April.

He further said that the national carrier is continuously making efforts to serve Pakistanis stuck in foreign countries.

Earlier on 22nd April, the national airlines announced to start the operation of 53 special flights from the next week to bring back the nationals stuck overseas.

These flights will fly to Khartoum, Turkey, Jeddah, Zurich, Oman, Algeria, Amsterdam, and Nairobi to bring back the stranded Pakistanis.

All the passengers are asked to contact the airline’s call center and provide them with their local number in order to keep in coordination.

The provided numbers will help the call centers to acknowledge the passengers regarding their booking procedure, flight suspension, or any other changes made in the flight operations.

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