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11 Companies Seek Certificate To Produce Bio-diesel From Used Edible Oils In Pakistan

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Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has received requests for issuing licenses from 11 companies to produce Bio-diesel from used edible oils

Used Vegetable and Seed oils can become the source of energy when converted to bio-diesel, and producing bio-diesel from used edible oils can be much cheaper and environment friendly, on one hand you are minimizing waste by recycling or reusing the already used oils, and producing bio-diesel which produces less pollutants into the air as compared to inedible oils such as petroleum products on the other hand.

According to the news sources 11 companies are keen to produce bio-diesel and requires licenses from PFA in order to keep this two way traffic of minimizing the environment impact.

Three companies have already got the license from PFA based in Faisalabad, Bhawalpur and Shiekhupura.

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During a meeting on Monday, DG Punjab Food Authority Noor-ul-Amin Mengal revealed to consult all stakeholders to dispose of the used edible oils for better purpose. PFA formed a policy with consultation of Lahore Restaurant Association and Fast Food Chains. The unanimous policy indicates to place a ban on reusing “used edible oils” for human or animal consumption however; used oil must be sold to bio-diesel companies.

During the meeting it was also decided to enforce a hygiene course by the authority for all restaurant workers. The course would help imparting knowledge among restaurant workers to promote hygiene in food production.

PFA is also targeting companies that are not hygienic and do not comply with regulations, in this development DG PFA has sealed an oil and Ghee company in Kot Lakhpat working without license. PFA sources revealed that the company was packing imported oil without cleaning it and the information provided on the label was false. Moreover, there was no such as mechanism to test the oil before packing and all the workers were working without medical fitness certificates. PFA team sealed the factory and wasted all the material they found after the raid, oil samples were taken for further investigation.

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  1. I guess they will be using a synthetic substitute for edible oil and a natural substance for vehicles. Isn’t it amazing that humans can’t tell the difference on tasting but cars can give an instant response if their fuel is adulterated?

    1. Well, that is a painful reality, you are right that humans are now offered with chemicals and machines are going to take all organic. Secondly, machines are machines unlike humans much more adaptable, after eating rubbish for 70 years still alive, that’s even astonishing

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