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1000 Children Start Smoking Daily in Pakistan, 30% of them Die – Survey

According to a survey conducted by UNDP at least, 1000 children start smoking daily in Pakistan. 30 percent of them die because of the complications caused by smoking.

Furthermore, 15% of the Pakistani population is addicted to smoking. Out of these 54% are male and 20% are female.

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On the eve of World No Tobacco Day the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Nishtar Medical University (NMU) Dr. Ahmed Ijaz Masood said that as per a UNDP survey, a Pakistani on an average smokes 620 cigarettes per yet. An Indian, however, smokes 119 cigarettes per year while a Sri Lankan and a Bangladeshi smokes 329 and 202 cigarettes on average annually.

The head of Cancer Department at NMU Dr. Ijaz Masood said that per year 3.5 million people die of smoking. In the years to come, this number may go up to 10 million people. Prof Peto, an expert said that every minute six people die of smoking. By the end of the 21st century, one billion will fall prey to it and die.

Smoking causes many diseases and illnesses including heart issues, cancer, and premature deliveries. Thus, awareness needs to be created regarding the severe effects of smoking.

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