10 Best Tools to Create Better Blog Content

Tools to Create Better Blog Content

Catchy and informative blog content draws traffic, improves brand image, generates awareness, and maximizes return on investment. Only quality content is capable of providing you all the above-mentioned perks and fortunately many useful tools are available to create better blog content. A rough survey reveals that 65% marketers use tools to make their content more effective and optimized while only 23% are getting positive results from the tools they are using. The low satisfaction rate indicates the low awareness level of marketers as they have no idea which tool answers to their needs. The purpose of writing this article is to provide guidance about the right tools help the readers in creating effective, engaging, and enlightening content.


BuzzSummo is a great tool that helps you selecting a competitive topic for your blog. You can add keyword in the search bar and it suggests you a potential and traffic driven title of the blog relevant to your niche. It’s necessary for a blogger to select a post relevant to the niche as irrelevant posts cause to decrease the trust of the readers and credibility of your blog. The tool suggests you latest and most searched topics to ensure the quality of the content and provide you right audience.

Tools for Better Content

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Readability Score

High readability is an important characteristic of quality content. More audience will read your content when it will be written in simple and effective language. Google measures the time that a reader spends on an article and considers it in ranking. Readability Score highlights the issues of your content, i.e. long sentences, long syllables, and keywords density.  URLs, files, and text are the three acceptable forms of content for testing.

Tools for Better Content

Following are some algorithms used to check the readability automatically:

  • Flesch-Kincaid
  • SMOG Index
  • Automated Readability Index
  • Gunning Fog
  • Coleman-Liau Index

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If English isn’t your native language and your grammar isn’t perfect then Grammarly is here to help you out. The extension is available for Chrome that you can integrate with your browser and check grammatical mistakes of every text. Apart from the grammar mistakes, you can check plagiarism of the content by using premium account. The use of the tool is quite easy. All you are required is to create an account, paste text or upload file to check the mistakes. Grammarly highlights the mistakes (in red color) and suggests the alternative words (in green color) in the side bar. The corrections done with a single click.

Tools for Better Blog

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Google Analytics

The things get simple when you know the interest of your audience. You can select a topic according to their interest and get more clicks on your post. Good Analytics helps you in this matter and lets you know which are the most visited posts over the last month. If the statistics favors to ‘Best SEO strategies’ then your next post should be related to SEO strategies as well. It can be like ‘How to get organic clicks’ or ‘Google Penalties and ways to avoid it’. In other words, Google Analytics helps in selecting next topic for your post by using your previous data.

Tools for Better Content

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Thinglink develops the reader’s interest in the post and adds value to it by making the post interactive. The clickable images shows different options when you hover. Multiple links can be added on the image to save the user’s time and efforts. He/ she can share, like, and visit another page from the same image and finds it a fun as well. These types of images are best for entertainment, food, clothes, and real estate websites where people come to get something interesting and you don’t want them to lack their attention.

Tools for Better Blogs

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Adding fun in your posts significantly increases its worth. Readers’ interest gets increased and more visit time positively impacts on ranking. Quickmeme is an amazing tool that makes quick memes for you. Easy to use and makes quality images. You can add text on an image and grab the reader’s attention with catchy titles. Many renowned websites like BuzzFeed and MangoBaaz use such kinds of memes to add entertainment and criticism in a funfull way.

Tools for Better Blog

The use of memes saves your time as you don’t need to create immense content for making your blog effective. Users required less time to read the entire post without losing interest.

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Blog Post Headline Analyzer

 Coschedule Blog Post Headline Analyzer gives you a quick analysis of your headlines. The tool shows the analysis result in the form of grades. A implicates the best headings while C- shows poor headings. You can make changes in the headings until you get satisfactory grades. Always use keywords in the headings to make them relevant and optimized. Catchy headlines garner more audience and generate more revenue.

Blog Post Headline Analyzer Coschedule Blog Post Headline Analyze

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Canva is no less than a blessing for bloggers who can’t hire a designer due to their limited budget. The app lets you create high-quality customize designs to improve your blog quality. Different shapes, colors, and designs which you can use while the built-in search engine permits you to find and add a specific image. The tool is easy to use and takes minimum time in creating images.

Blog Post Headline Analyzer Coschedule Blog Post Headline Analyze

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Word count is another important factor that determines the quality of the blog. Google favors long posts having 2000 to 3000 words as search engines considers long posts comprehensive and more informative. MS word, Grammarly, and many other tools inform you about word count and characters, but it’s not enough. WordCounter  provides you complete detail of content, i.e. speaking time, reading time, reading level, and number of sentence. The information lets you change your content strategy according to the search engine demand.


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Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

EMV Analyzer is best tools to create better blog content.Content, images, and keywords have their own value, but you can’t ignore the emotions of your customers. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer determines the emotional effectiveness of the content that is an extremely useful marketing tactic. More percentage means more emotional impact on customers and high chances of getting potential customers. The tool accepts only 20 words and automatically cuts the remaining words.

EMV Analyzer

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