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10 things to do at Home amid Coronavirus Outbreak


In this article, we will tell our readers 10 things they can do at home amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Offer Prayers

Pray, pray and pray. We need prayers more than anything else during this terrible time. Let us all pray collectively for mercy, help. Let us not lose hope that better times are around the corner. Let us connect to Allah, in the time he has given us all.

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Become a Master Chef

This is the time to cook, experiment and make new dishes, yes this is your time to become the Master Chef. Make new recipes and share them with your friends and family. Now that you are at home, make use of that time.

Read Books

In this busy life, we don’t get the time to sit back and read. Now we have the time to read the books we set aside to read when we would get time. Let us read and enjoy the time we probably just had when we were young.

Play Indoor Games

Scrabble, Carom Board, Cards, Ludo, Monopoly and many more. Yes, you used to play them as children and forgot all about them as life happened. With all the time in the world, get back together with your family, siblings and play these iconic indoor games.


In this time and age, Netflix will remain the biggest enjoyment and fun time. A few seasons I can recommend would be Money Heist, Prison Break, Friends, White Collar, Peaky Blinders.

Makeup Tutorials

You don’t know how to do makeup? Well, that is okay. You can always learn how to do it, and what better time than now. Practice on your siblings and have some fun time experimenting.


Most of you would have seen your parents gardening. Learn from your parents about gardening, names of flowers growing in your garden, grow some plants and have an enjoyable time.

House Chores

Wash some dishes, sweep your floor, make your bed yourself, wash clothes and iron them. Yes, these house chores will never allow you to rest and you will also not feel lazy.


So much action and drama in life do not allow us to contemplate, think. Now we have all the time in the world to think. Think about writing a book. Think about starting a new project. Think about your life and where you want to see yourself in the next ten years. Think about your connection with God. Think wisely.

Take Care of your Parents, Stay Indoors!

For the sake of your parents, grandparents stay indoors. Take care of them. Re-connect with them. Hear them. Tell them. Read them. Make tea for them and drink it with them. Love them as they love you.

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