10 Streets of Islamabad Identified as Coronavirus Hot Spots

coronavirus hot spots

The health authorities of the federal capital have closed down 10 streets of Islamabad which were identified as coronavirus hot spots, as per the officials.

As per reports, the areas which have been placed under lockdown are:

  • street 46, sector F-11/3;
  • street 23, F-11/2;
  • street 58, I-8/2;
  • street 57, I-8/3;
  • street 91, I-8/4;
  • street 10, Block D, Media Town;
  • street 12, I-10/2;
  • street 33 G-11/2;
  • street 30, Pakistan Town Phase 1; and
  • street 35, G-6/2.

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As per a letter by the health ministry, only people with jobs in essential services and with a negative coronavirus certificate will be allowed to leave the specified area.

The health teams will complete TTQ and give clearance for opening the areas. ACs will coordinate for making sure all arrangements are in place. The number of COVID-19 cases has been increasing daily in the capital.

On the other hand, the Lahore administration has given directives of crackdown operations on the smoke-emitting automobiles and factories in a bid to control the heavy smog that covers the provincial capital during winters.

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