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10 New Passenger and 12 Freight Trains to Operate in 100 Days

20 new VVIP passenger trains

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad—the Railways Minister said that 10 new passenger and 12 freight trains would be operational in 100 days.

The people would be receiving a great news soon regarding the launch of a new freight train during the present month, he informed while conversing to the media.

He said that Pakistan Railways (PR) was making tremendous efforts for increasing the number of passengers from fifty million to seventy million and freight trains from eight to twelve.

The Railways Minister also said that the Prime Minister—Imran Khan would be chairing a committee meeting for taking some important decisions about the railways.

Regarding the derailment of Khushhal Khan Express, Sheikh Rasheed said that AME Peshawar and the Deputy CME (Carriage and Wagon) had been suspended and issued warning to the divisional superintendents (DS) of strict action in case of failure to properly maintain the tracks. He said that they have taken the decision that the DS should be held responsible for the maintenance of tracks.

The minister promised that the Pakistan Railways would recover its due worth billion of rupees from the public and private units as soon as it could.

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He informed that the railways would soon be signing an agreement with Saeed Soigal and Mr Yahya for the transportation of more fifty thousand tons of coal. The validity of the contract would be until the 2021 and would generate Rs 1.2 billion revenue per annum.

The minister further said that the present management, has decided to conduct an immediate audit of all the oil deposits and the department would hopefully be able to save rupees one to rupees two billion. He added that things would further clear after the audit report and any officer or official who would be found in any kind of corruption would be terminated from the service.

Sheikh Rasheed said that the process was under process to install defoggers and other related equipment on the trains within the span of next two months, in order to carry more passengers and to make sure smooth transition of railway traffic during foggy weather situation.

He added that they have got strong support from the overseas Pakistanis in this matter.

He also informed that the department wanted to outsource the marketing and, in this matter, has given invites to the private sector for the branding of railway stations.

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