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10 Cities To Become Smart Cities From Asia-Pacific By 2025

Asia-Pacific is becoming a front line operative in development, growth and embracing technology trends, urbanization and demand for city services, ICT penetration, and the rising middle class creates an opportunity to improve the quality of life and drive demand for building smart cities in Asia-Pacific.

Asia Pacific region apparently has diverse cities, some markets such as; Japan and South Korea are already classed as fairly smart cities, some cities like Thailand and Malaysia are catching up the trends in governance and citizen services.

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Managing Director and Senior Vice President at Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Hazmi Yousaf said, there are 10 cities in the Asia Pacific region that are expected to become smart cities by 2025 and most of them likely to be 50% are in China alone.

China, Singapore, Japan and South Korea are pursuing government agendas in order to build smarter cities, investments in this regard are expected to grow from $55.6 billion in 2013 to $260 billion in 2020. Eight emerging cities have initiated standalone smart city projects, scaling up would achieve the title of a smart city for them by 2025 and beyond, said Hamzi.

What Makes a Smart City

Smart cities are built with smart and intelligent solutions with technology aimed at managing, improving and enhancing citizen’s lives in a sustainable and responsible manner. Technology and governance would be the key elements in developing smart cities in Asia Pacific.

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Smart cities will emerge as big data centers with data from networks and sensors being collected, monitored and analyzed real-time by a central monitoring system. All that will be used to optimize and streamline city operations and resolve issues real-time.