10 Best Online Math Programs for Elementary

In recent years, STEM-focused learning has garnered more popularity, and more students are increasingly taking on challenging mathematics courses. For a number of students, though, this subject is challenging.

Knowing the right platform to seek mathematics help for kids can significantly mitigate this struggle and improve their comprehension of the subject. Most schools allow kids to be creative with maths resources, so students can turn to online programs, apps, and websites to help them solve challenging math problems.

Choosing the right platform can be tricky in itself. Fortunately, here is a list of the ten best online math programs for elementary.

1. Brighterly

Brighterly is one of the best sites for studying mathematics in elementary. It combines math concepts with fun exercises and games, making lessons more enjoyable. The site caters to kids from Pre-K to Grade 5.

It offers a range of math course packages, with a free demo option before subscribing to any courses. Each module on Brighterly.com is personalized to children’s requirements and levels.

2. Quizlet

This is an app and website teaching different things via digital cards. On this app, you can learn through matching cards, long-term memorization cards, flashcards, short-term memorization cards, etc. Teachers and students alike can create their own custom decks or utilize premade card decks. It is free and caters to Grade K-12 kids.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides free, world-class math lessons to students worldwide. They have personalized learning resources for students of all ages in various subjects, including maths. The program caters to students from Grade K-12 levels.

4. Prodigy Math

Over 1 million teachers worldwide use Prodigy Math to teach classes at no cost. Prodigy is a fun curriculum-aligned game that engages students, motivating them to want to practice math. It has over 1500 standard-aligned games and caters to grades 1 to 8. The program is free for teachers but has a monthly membership option for parents.

5. BuzzMath

This program focuses on helping elementary and middle school students sharpen their math skills. It has high-quality math problems, allows students to progress at their own pace, provides immediate, detailed feedback, and caters to Grades 1 to 9. BuzzMath offers a free demo in addition to the students’ and families’ subscription plans.


ALEKS is a web-based learning and assessment system which utilizes adaptive questioning to assess students’ needs. It adapts to teach student math topics they’re most ready to learn. It caters to Grade 3 to 12 students.

7. First in Math

First in Math offers competitive as well as game-based content. Students get skills fluency and practice as they engage in games that target logical thinking and fact proficiency. The site caters to students in Grade K to 8. They offer a 45-day free trial for schools’ and parents’ subscriptions.

8. Chart Tool

With Chart Tool, students can create detailed charts, including pie charts, bar graphs, etc. It is free and caters to students in Grade K-12.

9. Mathletics

Mathletics is another of the best online math programs. It is supportive, engaging, and designed to cultivate kids’ interest in maths. It is created for Grade K-12. The site offers a yearly subscription, with school and family pricing.

10. Zearn

This is a customized math curriculum that incorporates small-group instructions and digital lessons. Zearn also has workbooks, online modules, professional development, and answer keys. It caters to Grade K to 5 students and is free for classrooms and individual educators.


 These ten are the best math programs for elementary students. Consider signing up on one to help your child become better at math.