10 Amazing Facts About Apple

Apple Inc. has become one of the greatest world corporations, producing millions of dollars yearly, giving new job opportunities throughout the world, launching new technologies and products and overturning the apple carts of technology, social events, politics and more.

Their areas of achievement cover a wide range of areas that it would take days to highlight. Apple must go up against aggressive competitors, government regulations and more. Whatever may be said Apple is still a leader in innovation and originality.

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Here are ten amazing facts about Apple.

  1. The company name “Apple” came from the founder Steve Job’s likeness of the fruit. There was curiosity behind the reason for the name of Apple, but in truth, it was just the fruit that Steve Job liked a lot and named the company after that.
  2. Apple has got a “no smoking” ban relating to their computers. As weird it may sound, but if you smoke while using an Apple computer, you get warned!
  3. Apple has given employment to more than ninety thousand people. However, millions more make money from Apple and that varies from sales related to mom and pop shops across the world.
  4. Apple has been so successful in its operations that it has made twice the amount of money than the U.S. Treasury.
  5. Apple in its first quarter of 2014 made more money than Google, Amazon and Facebook combined.
  6. Apple was the first one to make a digital colour camera.
  7. If Apple would be a nation, it would be the world’s 27th biggest country, between Venezuela and Belgium.
  8. The name iPod was inspired by the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  9. Apple’s first firm logo featured a drawing of Sir Isaac Newton—the father of physics.
  10. Apple has nearly $150 billion in excess capital. It could purchase firms like Twitter, Facebook, Netflix and Tesla.

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