1.5 billion Rupees Spent In Karachi On Independence Day 14th August

Pakistan has celebrated its 70th Independence day yesterday on August 14, on a national holiday people of Karachi spent almost 1.5 billion Rupees on independence day specific purchasing which includes dresses, national flags, badges, masks, toys for kids, t-shirts, banners, balloons, decoration items, paint & art and some other accessories—reported by Dr. Shahid Masood on a local TV channel.

It was just Karachi which generated roughly 1.5 million in revenues if we consider all Pakistan the revenues could come close to our previous estimate of 15.8 billion of revenues.

Throughout Pakistan, the Independence Day was celebrated to its full potential in form of Parade, Airshows, Fireworks, rallies, gathering, dancing, TV programs and outing.

PIA also celebrated in-flight national songs featuring musicians including Momina mustehsan. Businesses and corporates also celebrated the national day in their own unique ways.